Advanced Solutions

Enjoy the blissfullness of the cloud!


Bliss of the Cloud

You should have to worry about your EHR applications and servers the same way that you worry about Yahoo, Google, or Facebook's. Our solutions removes the technical complexity from your EHR adoption.


Ease of Access

Make your EHR fully responsive across all mobile devices with high performance using the latest technologies.


Bridging the Gap

Our solution completely bridges the gap between your EHR vender and your practice, while preventing you from hanging in the balance between an IT group and your EHR vendor.


Improve Productivity

Our high availability and productivity analytics will empower you to proactively optimize your practice to reach its maximum efficiency.


High Security

Our solution protects applications and data and prevents business disruptions, while helping meet regulatory compliance.


Stay Connected

Don’t allow immobility to decrease productivity.  Cumulus Data Clouds connects opportunity with availability, and enables your providers to remain current no matter where their schedules may take them.

Our Technology

Cumulus Data Clouds’ Applications as a Service refers to the delivery of EHR applications as a service via a secure encrypted conduit over the Internet. On-demand EHRs are gaining an increasing share of the medical industry, due to the cost savings and efficiency gains it can offer to practices, regardless of their size.

Our solutions also provide software more efficiently, because it can be distributed and maintained for all users at a single point – in the cloud (Internet). The efficiency gains are facilitated through the use of various automation tools that are implemented on our cloud services platform.

Our Features

  • Less technical complexity
  • EHR application and database optimizations
  • EHR Support
  • Client specific management tools
  • Secure access to any device
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