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Powerfull servers on the Cloud

Cumulus Data Clouds is more than just servers; it delivers
solutions that accelerate your specific workloads. It's designed
designed to deliver unmatched performance with greater flexibility

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The High-performance and Scalable Platform

"The Cumulus Data Cloud Solution functions like a thermostatic that can turned on,
up, down, or off processing power based on your practice’s real-time utilization.”.

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Powerfull servers on the Cloud

Cumulus Data Clouds simplifies management to free your staff from
repetitive processes, so they can focus on more strategic efforts.

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Cumulus Data Cloud - Applications on Demand

Imagine having secure access to your most important data from any device, and from anywhere in the world

Key Features of the Cumulus Data Cloud

Experience the security, scalability, high availability, and accessibility of the cloud.

Custom Applications

Create alerts, reports, or any application to meet your specific business needs.

99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

Access your application when you need it most without being at the mercy of the weather

Highest Accessibility

Enjoy secure access to your applications using any device from anywhere there internet access.